DEBS 2021 Full Program

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Time Jun 28, 2021 Jun 29, 2021 Jun 30, 2021 Jul 01, 2021 Jul 02, 2021
09:00 EDT Tutorial 1: Machine Learning over Static and Dynamic Relational Data Tutorial 3: Graph Stream Analytics Opening speech Test of time award talk Keynote 3: Martin Kleppmann
09:15 EDT
09:30 EDT Keynote 1: Yanlei Diao
09:45 EDT Research track 3: Cloud-Native Computing
10:00 EDT Discussion break Discussion break Discussion break
10:15 EDT Tutorial 1: Machine Learning over Static and Dynamic Relational Data Tutorial 3: Graph Stream Analytics Invited industry talk: Ralf Klinkenberg
10:30 EDT Discussion break Discussion break
10:45 EDT Research track 1: Blockchain Keynote 2: Carlo Curino
11:00 EDT Discussion break
11:15 EDT Lunch break Lunch break Industry track
11:30 EDT
11:45 EDT Discussion break Discussion break
12:00 EDT Tutorial 2: Web Stream Processing with RSP4J Sponsor presentations Lunch break Lunch break
12:15 EDT Grand challenge Discussion break
12:30 EDT Lunch break
12:45 EDT Research track 2: Stream Processing Posters & Demos + Doctoral Symposium
13:00 EDT Discussion break
13:15 EDT Tutorial 2: Web Stream Processing with RSP4J Closing remarks + awards announcements
13:30 EDT Discussion break
13:45 EDT Discussion break Business meeting
14:00 EDT
14:15 EDT Discussion break
14:30 EDT Discussion break

Session Details

Jun 28, 2021

Tutorial 1: Machine Learning over Static and Dynamic Relational Data

(09:00 EDT )
Chair: Martin Ugarte

Ahmet Kara, Milos Nikolic, Dan Olteanu, Haozhe Zhang

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Idea 1

Part 3: Idea 2

Part 4: Idea 3

Part 5: Conclusion

Tutorial 2: Web Stream Processing with RSP4J

(12:00 EDT )
Chair: Emanuele Della Valle

Riccardo Tommasini, Pieter Bonte

Jun 29, 2021

Tutorial 3: Graph Stream Analytics

(09:00 EDT )
Chair: Tilmann Rabl

Andras A. Benczur, Ferenc Beres, Domokos Kelen, Robert Palovics

Part 1

Part 2

Sponsor presentations

(12:00 EDT )

Euranova x ACM DEBS 2021

Speaker: Maryse Colson
Bio: Maryse Colson is the Mary Poppins of Euranova (Brussels, BE), taking care of people, fixing tactical communication issues, and doing her magic from time to time. She has a PhD in French Literature; her thesis was about The Genesis of the Cookbook: Discursive Study of the Culinary Publications in the Ancien Regime (Université de Liège, 2014) and she uses her literary skills for the benefit of a staff of passionate data experts and their management team.


Speaker: Sebastian Frischbier
Bio: For Sebastian, this year's DEBS conference is marking a full decade of affiliation with the DEBS community: his first time at a DEBS conference had been in 2011 (DEBS New York, US) as a PhD candidate under the supervision of Alejandro Buchmann (and later, also Peter Pietzuch). He received his PhD on runtime support for quality of information requirements in event-based systems from TU Darmstadt before re-joining industry in various leadership positions.
In his current role at Infront, Sebastian is fostering transparency, simplification, and automation regarding, systems, processes, and roles across the Infront group. While this might sound to be completely detached from his former areas of interest it is actually the direct application of his research, as Infront is doing event-processing at scale for a living. He is also still actively engaging in joint research activities and looking for interesting collaboration topics between industry and academia.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Sebastian (e.g., via the DEBS 2021 Slack channels) regarding collaboration opportunities or career options at Infront -- there might be more topics of mutual interest than you think.

Grand challenge

(12:15 EDT )
Chair: Grand Challenge Co-Chairs

Solving the 2021 DEBS Grand Challenge using Apache Flink

Mina Morcos, Baiqing Lyu, Snigdha Kalathur

Speaker: Mina Morcos, Snigdha Kalathur, Baiqing Lyu
Bio: We are all students currently studying at Boston University. This project was our class project for the BU CAS CS 591K1 Stream Data Processing class. We had a lot of fun understanding the applications and uses of Apache Flink and learned a lot about the field.

The DEBS 2021 Grand Challenge

Jawad Tahir, Christoph Doblander, Ruben Mayer, Sebastian Frischbier, Hans-Arno Jacobsen

Speaker: Jawad Tahir
Bio: Jawad Tahir is a Ph.D. candidate at the Technical University of Munich and co-chair of the DEBS '21 Grand Challenge track. Previously, he worked on power chips of 5G modems at Intel. Currently, he is benchmarking distributed systems under defined constraints. His research interests include distributed systems, stream processing, fault tolerance, and reinforcement learning.

DEBS Grand Challenge: Real-Time Detection of Air Quality Improvement with Apache Flink

Josip Marić, Krešimir Pripužić, Martina Antonić

Speaker: Josip Marić
Bio: Josip Marić was born in Zagreb, Croatia on the 26th of November 1996, where he finished primary and secondary school. He received B.Sc. degree in computing and M.Sc. degree in information and communication technology from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb, Croatia in 2018 and 2020, respectively. Since November 2020, he is working as a research assistant at the Department of Telecommunications.

Scalable Analytics of Air Quality Batches with Apache Spark and Apache Sedona

Rim Moussa

Speaker: Rim Moussa
Bio: Rim Moussa is currently a tenured associate professor at University of Carthage (ENI-Carthage, Tunisia). She is also habilitated as associate professor in Computer Science Engineering by the the French National Council of Universities. She received her M.Sc. (DEA127 -Computer Science: Intelligent Systems) and Ph.D in Distributed Databases from Université Paris IX Dauphine (France) under the supervision of Pr. Witold LITWIN. She ensures both undergraduate and graduate lectures, related to distributed data management systems, Data Warehousing, NoSQL databases, Spatial databases, and Cloud Computing & HPC (Big Data, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark..). Her current research interests include Scalable and Distributed Data Management systems, Data warehousing, Big Data Architectures and Spatial Computing at scale.

Jun 30, 2021

Opening speech

(09:00 EDT )
Chair: General Co-Chairs + PC Co-Chairs

Keynote 1: Yanlei Diao

(09:30 EDT )
Chair: Nesime Tatbul

Yanlei Diao: Proactive Monitoring on High-Volume Event Streams through Large-Scale Machine Learning

Corresponding paper: Explainable Anomaly Detection on High-Dimensional Time Series Data from Bijan Rad, Fei Song, Vincent Jacob, Yanlei Diao

Research track 1: Blockchain

(10:45 EDT )
Chair: Martin Ugarte

An Event Driven Framework for Smart Contract Execution

Mudabbir Kaleem, Keshav Kasichainula, Rabimba Karanjai, Lei Xu, Zhimin Gao, Lin Chen and Weidong Shi

Speaker: Mudabbir Kaleem
Bio: The presenter is a graduate student at the University of Houston with research centered around decentralized systems, smart contract security and cryptocurrencies.

Towards Event-driven Decentralized Marketplaces on the BlockChain

Akash Pateria, Kemafor Anyanwu

Speaker: Kemafor Anyanwu
Bio: Kemafor Anyanwu is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at North Carolina State University. She specializes in the areas of Big Data and Semantic Web Data Management.

An Experimental Framework for Improving the Performance of BFT Consensus For Future Permissioned Blockchains

Man-Kit Sit, Manuel Bravo, Zsolt István

Speaker: Zsolt István
Bio: Zsolt István is an Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen. Before that, he was an Assistant Research Professor at the IMDEA Software Institute in Madrid, Spain. Zsolt works in the intersection of databases, distributed systems, and FPGA programming. He has a PhD in Computer Science from the Systems Group at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Research track 2: Stream Processing

(12:45 EDT )
Chair: Asterios Katsifodimos

Box Queries over Multi-Dimensional Streams

Roy Friedman, Rana Shahout

Speaker: Rana Shahout
Bio: Rana Shahout is a Ph.D. candidate at the Technion. she is working under the supervision of Prof. Roy Friedman. Her research focuses on streaming algorithms include network monitoring and interval query capabilities for real-time network problems. She completed her BSc at the Computer Science Department at the Technion and worked at Mellanox and Yahoo.

Fast Recovery of Correlated Failures in Distributed Stream Processing Engines

Li Su, Yongluan Zhou

Speaker: Li Su
Bio: Li Su a senior engineer in Data Analytics and Intelligence Lab, Alibaba DAMO Academy. Before joining Alibaba, he was a postdoc in the database group at University of Copenhagen, working with Professor Yongluan Zhou.

Jul 01, 2021

Test of time award talk

(09:00 EDT )
Chair: Peter Pietzuch

Research track 3: Cloud-Native Computing

(09:45 EDT )
Chair: Holger Pirk

Distributed Transactions on Serverless Stateful Functions

Martijn de Heus, Kyriakos Psarakis, Marios Fragkoulis, Asterios Katsifodimos

Speaker: Martijn de Heus
Bio: Martijn de Heus is a recent graduate of Delft University of Technology. His thesis research was about state management in Serverless environments.

A Distributed Database System for Event-based Microservices

Rodrigo Laigner, Yongluan Zhou, Marcos Antonio Vaz Salles

Speaker: Rodrigo Laigner
Bio: Rodrigo Laigner is a second-year PhD fellow employed in the Department of Computer Science at University of Copenhagen under the supervision of Prof. Yongluan Zhou and Associate Prof. Marcos Antonio Vaz Salles. His research targets building efficient and consistent database systems for data management requirements found in new approaches for developing distributed applications (with substantial data management logic) at the application-tier, such as microservices.

Keynote 2: Carlo Curino

(10:45 EDT )
Chair: Letizia Tanca

Carlo Curino: Workload-Driven Systems Optimization: things are getting real!

Corresponding paper: Workload-Driven Systems Optimization: Things are getting real from Carlo Curino

Posters & Demos + Doctoral Symposium

(12:45 EDT )
Chair: Stijn Vansummeren + Daniele Dell'Aglio

Poster: Towards Creating a Generalized Complex Event Processing Operator Using FlinkCEP: Architecture & Benchmark

Eleni Kougioumtzi, Antonios Kontaxakis, Antonios Deligiannakis, Yannis Kotidis

Speaker: Eleni Kougioumtzi
Bio: Eleni Kougioumtzi is a student of Informatics at Athens University of Economics and Business. Since high school, she has a passion for Robotics and she has participated in many national and global Educational Robotics Competitions, both as a student and as a coach. Also, Eleni is a core member of Google Developer Student Clubs at her University and she has a great interest in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Her dream is to travel the world and make a difference.

Poster: Real-Time Processing of Geo-Distributed Financial Data

Antonios Kontaxakis, Antonios Deligiannakis, Holger Arndt, Stefan Burkard, Claus-Peter Kettner, Elke Pelikan, Kathleen Noack

Speaker: Antonios Deligiannakis
Bio: Antonios Deligiannakis is a Professor of Computer Science at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Technical University of Crete, and an Adjunct Researcher at the "Athena" Research Center. His research interests are in the broad area of Big Data Management Systems, including Big Data Analytics over data streams and distributed complex event processing in large-scale systems.

Demo: Towards Autonomous Semantic Stream Fusion For Distributed Video Streams

Manh Nguyen Duc, Anh Le-Tuan, Manfred Hauswirth, Danh Le Phuoc

Speaker: Manh Nguyen Duc
Bio: I am Manh Nguyen Duc, a DAAD PhD Candidate of Technical University of Berlin. My research focuses on Semantic web, Robotics and Deep learning.

Demo: HawkEDA: A Tool for Quantifying Data Integrity Violations in Event-driven Microservices

Prangshuman Das, Rodrigo Laigner, Yongluan Zhou

Speaker: Prangshuman Das
Bio: I recently defended my thesis while building this tool and completed my MSc. in Computer Science from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Demo: Enforcing Consistency in Microservice Architectures through Event-based Constraints

Anna Lesniak, Rodrigo Laigner, Yongluan Zhou

Speaker: Anna Lesniak
Bio: Anna Lesniak is a recent graduate of the University of Copenhagen in Computer Science. Her master's thesis targeted enforcing data consistency in microservice architecture by utilising a novel approach of event-based constraints. She is a software engineer at Zendesk where she works on stream processing and event-driven platforms.

Demo: Building An End-To-End BAD Application

Shahrzad Haji Amin Shirazi, Michael J. Carey, Vassilis J. Tsotras

Speaker: Shahrzad Haji Amin Shirazi
Bio: Shahrzad Haji Amin Shirazi is a Ph.D. student at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at University of California Riverside. She is currently working on the Big Active Data system which is part of Apache AsterixDB.

Doctoral: Accelerating the Performance of Data Analytics using Network-centric Processing

Bochra Boughzala

Speaker: Bochra Boughzala
Bio: Bochra Boughzala is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree in computer science at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. She received her M. Sc. degree from Université du Québec à Montréal in Canada, in 2013. She then worked with Ericsson Research Montreal as a Researcher in the area of IP and Transport and Cloud technologies. She also worked with a Montreal-based startup as a Software Designer for building data center networking solutions. Her research interests include Software-Defined Networking and high-performance packet processing.

Jul 02, 2021

Keynote 3: Martin Kleppmann

(09:00 EDT )
Chair: Alessandro Margara

Martin Kleppmann: Event-based thinking in collaboration software

Corresponding paper: Thinking in Events: From Databases to Distributed Collaboration Software from Martin Kleppmann

Invited industry talk: Ralf Klinkenberg

(10:15 EDT )
Chair: Sabri Skhiri

Ralf Klinkenberg: Real-Time Big Data Stream Analytics and Complex Event Detection: Modular Visual Framework, Data Science Platform, and Industry Applications

Industry track

(11:15 EDT )
Chair: Gianmarco Aversano

The Synergy of Complex Event Processing and Tiny Machine Learning in Industrial IoT

Haoyu Ren, Darko Anicic, Thomas Runkler

Speaker: Haoyu Ren
Bio: Haoyu Ren is a PhD candidate at Siemens and technical university of munich in Germany since 2020. He has a B.S in electrical engineering from Chongqing University and a M.S. in electrical and computer engineering from the technical university of munich. Most of his work is related to industrial IoT, smart factory, tiny machine learning, and semantic techniques.

S2CE: A Hybrid Cloud and Edge Orchestrator for Mining Exascale Distributed Streams

Nicolas Kourtellis, Herodotos Herodotou, Maciej Grzenda, Piotr Wawrzyniak, Albert Bifet

Speaker: Nicolas Kourtellis
Bio: Nicolas Kourtellis holds a PhD in Computer Science & Engineering from the University of South Florida, USA (2012). He has done research @Yahoo Labs, USA & @Telefonica Research, Spain, on online user privacy and behavior modeling, Internet measurements and distributed systems, with 70+ published peer-reviewed papers. Lately, he focuses on CyberPrivacy (Privacy-preserving Machine Learning (ML) and Federated Learning on the edge, user online privacy and PII leaks), etc.) and CyberSafety (modeling and detecting abusive, inappropriate or fraudulent content on social media using data mining and ML methods, and how they can be applied on the edge on user-owned or network devices). He has served in many technical program committees of top conferences and journals (WWW, KDD, CIKM, ECML- PKDD, TKDD, TKDE, TPDS, etc.).

Descriptor Based Consensus for Blockchain Transactions

Zachary Painter, Victor Cook, Christina Peterson, Damian Dechev

Speaker: Zachary Painter
Bio: Zachary Painter is a PhD student at the University of Central Florida. His research interests include concurrent algorithms, transactional data structures, and blockchain algorithms.

Closing remarks + awards announcements

(13:15 EDT )
Chair: Peter Pietzuch

Business meeting

(13:45 EDT )

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